Motosel all season Bar & Chain is formulated with virgin mineral oil and specific additives for today’s high-speed chain saws. Contains added Tackifier and higher viscosity base oil for better performance under severe operating conditions. MOTOSEL Bar & Chain Oil is formulated with virgin mineral oil and special additives for today’s high-speed chain saws operating under the most adverse conditions. It acts as a solid film lubricant giving boundary lubrication under apparently dry lubricant conditions and has extreme pressure additives with shock absorbing properties that reduce friction and increase chain life up to 65%. A special penetrating ability provides instant chain lubrication after start up, and a high-tac, no-sling additive helps the lubricant to stay on the chain. A rust inhibitor protects bar and chain during storage.





 Extreme Tac



Formulated with high quality base oils and a balanced additive packages

High-Tac, no-sling additivehelps keep chain lubricated

Available in two viscosities: summer (standard order) and winter (specify when ordering) 

Lubricant penetrates the chain and provides start-up lubrication

EP (extreme pressure) additives lubricate under heavy load and shock load conditions 

  • Gravity, °APIASTM D 1298SummerWinterExtreme Tac
    Flash Point °C/°FASTM D 92218/425210/410218/425
    Pour Point °C/°FASTM D 97-24/-10-29/-20-12/0
    ColorASTM D 150044 3
    Viscosity SUS @ 100°FASTM D 88630300750