About Us

Motosel Industrial Group, Inc was established in 1987 as a manufacturer of lubricants & petrochemical products. We currently have 11 regional offices and 5 manufacturing facilities throughout the world. Our products are expertly engineered to provide long-term protection while providing the best value available across many of our brands. If you are looking to replace your over-priced supplier of Oil, lubricants, and other petrochemical products make sure you think of Motosel. Our products range from passenger vehicle oil to military grade lubricants. We aim to incorporate the very best methodologies to produce Lubricants which define excellence We here at Motosel are providing Tomorrow’s solutions today! Our top tier quality control measures make sure that all our products meet a very strict level of quality and that our equipment is running correctly to assure that we will only produce the very best products possible.

The entire corporation has withstood the test of time by being focused on the customer. Each and every member of our team exudes professionalism and possesses a willingness to perform time-sensitive tasks such as packaging, securing shipments, and contacting suitable logistics companies to quickly and effectively get our products into the client’s hands. All of the areas we operate in are sourced from local distribution centres meaning we are able to quickly and efficiently ship products to you. When machinery works well, production costs decrease and margins increase. We truly believe that your success is our success. This is the driving force behind the Motosel brand. By providing top quality products at competitive prices we are helping keep your business running smoothly and that makes us feel great! Check out a full list of our products below as well as some more reasons why you should choose Motosel for your business.

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Our Team

As we’ve grown to become a global supplier of oil and lubrication products for light and heavy duty automobiles and machinery, we’ve established offices and manufacturing facilities all over the world.

Motosel International Group consists of a large network of 11 global offices and 5 manufacturing facilities with over 1000 employees worldwide. Our managers and executives understand that creating an efficient, highly engaged, and positive workplace is critical to the success of any company. This philosophy allows us to be able to employ some of the greatest minds in our industry.

Our global network of professionals includes many scientists, industry specialists, researchers and manufacturing experts all devoted to creating the best product possible for our clients. Our employees are committed to delivering superior products coupled with exceptional customer service to our customers on a daily basis. From taking orders, packaging, and scheduling deliveries we are committed to excellence. This commitment to excellence has allowed us to grow to new heights while maintaining our high level of customer service. We hope you give us the chance to make you another satisfied custom

Quality Products

To deliver best results, our unique formulations are developed using pre-inspected premium raw materials, quality additives and industry-leading technology. Our quality control team oversees every aspect of production to ensure that we consistently deliver excellence. Our state-of- the art fully equipped and certified on-site laboratory is available for internal use and outside customers to test the quality of each of these variables in our oil and lubricants:

  • Cold crank
  • Pour point
  • Flash point
  • Additives levels
  • TBN
  • Moisture
  • Crackle test
  • Density/API gravity
  • Viscosity at 100 Cº
  • Viscosity at 40 Cº
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Warehousing & Distribution

At Motosel, We pride ourselves on efficient delivery of our lubricants and motor oils. Our vast local and global reach is supported by an interconnected delivery network designed to move products seamlessly. Direct railroad access to our production facilities ensures faster order turnaround and reduced transport costs. We also operate our own specialized delivery fleet and offer expert import/export service to our customers. When you place an order with us, we ship your order within 24 hours from one of our local full-scale distribution centers in North America.

Our clients, including wholesale automotive aftermarket distributors, gas stations, government agencies, and retail chains, benefit from buying directly from the source. It means they can order exactly what they want when they want it, and have assurances that their lubricants will be arriving to their doorstep promptly. Additionally, when they order directly from us, we are here to provide answers about any questions they might have; who knows more about our products than us? We’re pleased to assist our business partners in developing innovative solutions for supplying, stocking and transporting our premium goods.

Our clean, dry, temperature-controlled warehouse facility features 4 loading docks, 1 drive in, 5 rail stations, 4 loading racks and 4 in door scales plus state-of- the-art Inventory Management System for enhanced accuracy.

Shipping Information: Container Loading Info: 40 GP, 20 GP, Max weight– 43000 lb. (20 ton)

20 pallets in 40 GP, 80 (55 US gal) drums per load (domestic shipping)

Global Focus

At Motosel, we are committed to international growth now and in the future. We have built a strong business model based on high quality products, and is positioned for growth and longevity for the foreseeable future.

As technology advances so must we if we are to keep pace with all innovations which require complete understanding and reasoning for such changes. We are constantly evolving and adapting our product lines to meet and exceed all industry requirements and standards.

Equipment manufacturers are pushing the envelope to produce fuel efficient power plants which conform to or exceed strict environmental protocols and in doing so also reduce harmful emissions. Our oils and lubricants are engineered to keep pace with all these environmental protocols.

Greater efficiencies of not just power plants but the entire drivetrain, structural design and reduction of coefficient drag are but a few key factors embraced  by companies whose products reflect their leadership.

Motosel is no different as our focus is also to incorporate the best of the very best methodologies to produce Lubricants which define excellence.  Our focus is to constantly improve on forever changing values of viscosities utilizing current know-how but also be ever vigilant in researching limitless possibilities of science and attain attention as a progressive company.

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Dedication to service comes in varying degrees and levels of service are based upon willingness to perform tasks which constitute gaining trust of coveted clients. Such is a benchmark by which Motosel Industrial Group operates in all regions of endeavor. We want our customers around the globe to know that we don’t just produce high quality oil and lubricants, but we foster a high quality level of customer service.

We don’t just speak the language of service but have follow-through based upon unspoken dedication to nurture all our clients no matter their reasons of existence in various sectors of business by choosing. Our success is tied into our customers’ success, and we want all our customers to know we are here for them whenever and wherever they need us. Accolades from clients for services rendered them carries more satisfaction which further fuels us to do more. To us, service is more than just a word, it is a badge to be earned daily. It is this mentality that allows us to build trusting long-term relationships with our clients.

The entire corporation has withstood the test of time as every person within contributes daily by exuding professionalism and possessing a willingness to perform time sensitive tasks of packaging, securing shipments, contracting suitable logistics companies to perform on time deliveries to our clients. Such attention to detail is given at every North American and international location where Motosel has a presence. Inefficiencies are an integral part of our customer service mantra because we are aware your business also relies on fast and accurate delivery.

Your orders of Motosel lubricants can be placed either online or by contacting our office and if any questions or concerns arise we are there to assist and offer solutions to overcome any bothersome issues.