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Motosel uses methodologies that are geared towards sustaining vertical growth by placing needs of every client first. We create a rapport through reintroducing the true meaning of service and product performance. Production of all products within scientific departments of Motosel Industrial Group give attention to every minute detail necessary, as the end result is a badge of honor for the brilliant minds responsible for its creation. Our Clients are urged to consider the complete stable of lubricant products offered and also redirect attention towards Motosel Industrial Group as a primary source of supply for its engineered Class A Lubricants. We anxiously await your contact to discuss any and all business possibilities in the foreseeable future.

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Motosel Euro Full Synthetic 5W40
has been Approved by
Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen!


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Full Synthetic

Motosel Extreme Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oils are premium quality multi-grade motor oils formulated from selected superior base oils and advance high performance engine oil additive technology.

Motosel Extreme Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oils outperform conventional motor oils and are designed especially for turbo-charged and high RPM engines which experience high heat. Motosel Full Synthetic Motor Oils are formulated with low friction additives to help improve fuel economy and provide quick flow to critical parts at start-up to reduce wear.

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Synthetic Blends

Motosel Extreme Performance Synthetic Blend Motor Oils are premium multi-grade motor oils designed for maximum engine protection even under the toughest driving conditions. Blended from quality lube base stocks and special additives are designed for all weather conditions.

Motosel Extreme Performance Synthetic blend outperforms conventional motor oil and are fully licensed to meet or exceed the latest American Petroleum Institute SN service classification for use in passenger car, vans, sports utility vehicles, light duty trucks and other mobile and stationary engines.

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